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John-Paul Denton's is one of those rare producers that manage to make his music sound edgy and sleek at the same time. His project XY-Me (working closely with the Newcastle producers of People Get Real) has already got us used to some seriously strong grooves and production and he's not letting us down here.

"Kirt Aim" and "Fearless" are two slices of brooding techno boasting mean grooves and cinematic textures, both carried by deep basses and an acute sense of what make people dance.

"Kirt Aim", the more energetic of the two tracks, is centered on a repetitive underground bass motif with rolling percussion reverberating over it, and short synth bursts creating a seriously claustrophobic vibe throughout.
"Fearless" slows the tempo down a bit as well as making things a bit brighter. The bass moves around the beat while clear synth lines resonate and bounce around giving the track a retro filmic "synth music" vibe. Filter movements, riding hats, and an interesting use of syncopation keep the track pace on the edge and make sure you'll stay on the dance floor.

John Paul says that they like to explore new directions on every release, citing Isolee and Caribou as influences for this one.This can be heard in the sense of movement of both pieces, developing subtly over low slung grooves, rolling percussion and very musical arrangements.

XY-Me's music has already found a strong support on the dance scene with the likes of Daniel Avery, Jacques Renault, Tim Paris and Justin Robertson, all playing their music, and this is not likely to change!


released December 17, 2013



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Days Of Being Wild London, UK

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