L'Année Du Dragon

by Hotel International



We're very excited to introduce Franz Kirmann's new project for the label.
Man of many aliases and many projects, eternal schizophrenic, label manager, Dj, geek and pretty secretive, Franz seems in permanent identity crisis, like some kind of French Woody Allen.

He first got noticed in 2009 when Laurent Garnier took on to heavily play his first EP "Little Baby Eyes", a delicately crafted piece of dreamy electronica and the subsequent album Random Access Memories, an ambient / cinematic record closer to the world of Warp than the nostalgic disco record recently released by some other French men...

In permanent need of making music of different kind, Franz has since released more music under his own name but also as Sir Ouakam and as part of duo Piano Interruped.

2013 sees the man working on yet another project. Hotel International is balearic, nostalgic and dreamy, flirting with New Wave sounds and shoegazing.
After his remix for Eskimo Twins last December and his edit of Simple Minds' "This Fear Of Gods" released earlier this year, "L'Année Du Dragon" is Hotel International fist original release.
"I wanted to do something quite pop and cinematic, emotional and uplifting, but also driving at the same time… When I started working on it, I was jamming with a synth and started playing that line that basically sounds like a rip off of Don Henley's Boys Of Summer… In the end I decided to leave it on the track as it gives a nostalgic feel. It's pretty cheesy but it somehow gives the track a familiar feel, like if you knew it already"

Already played by Mugwump (who charted it number 1 in their June RA chart), Sean Johnston (Hardway Bros / A Love From Outer Space) or Eskimo Twins, "L'Année Du Dragon" comes with two remixes by Morgan Hammer and Jokers Of The Scene.

Rising producer and DJ on the French techno scene, Morgan Hammer has recently released with Relish Recordings and Clouded Vision.
Her remix of "L'Année Du Dragon" boasts everything we like about her… a dark and funked up synth bass, minimal melodies and deranged drones flirting over blasting drums… the boys of summer have left the building.

The second remix comes courtesy of Canada finest purveyors of dance music, the mighty Jokers Of The Scene.
Epic doesn't even begin to describe the reinvention of the track under the Jokers expert hands and ears...
Rising for a good 3 minute before even a kick drum can be heard, this could easily be the soundtrack to Drive 2 (especially if directed by John Carpenter), but things quickly get in gear and the remix takes off to the sky in a cascade of sounds where acid lines intertwine with heavenly pads and cosmic melodies, keeping in with the emotional and romantic tones of the original.


Hotel International "L'Année Du Dragon"
Written and produced by Franz Kirmann
Mixed by Olly The Octopus

Morgan Hammer remix
Additional production and remix by Morgan Hammer

Jokers Of The Scene Sun Ray Apartments Remix
Additional production and remix by Jokers Of The Scene


released July 22, 2013



all rights reserved


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