by Nhar



Activist of the French underground techno scene for more than ten years and with releases on prestigious labels such as Mobilee, Correspondent or My Favourite Robot, Nhar is an artist than needs no introduction.

We’re very proud to release his new EP on our humble imprint.

If Nhar spiritual roots are firmly anchored in a futuristic kind of techno informed by science fiction and new technology, his heart is definitely beating at a much more human pace; his music tinted by the torments and heartaches of human beings.

Kartvelli and Nostromo, the two originals pieces presented here, are futuristic and melodic, enveloped in synthetic pads and strings. They diffuse a warm analog sound and could easily soundtrack a journey on a spinner - those flying cars floating on the night skies of Blade Runner.
Melodies and vocoders collide and swirl over vintage drums machines and discoid bass lines as you are dreamily watching landscapes of the future through your window.

The remixes continue with the dreamy robots vibe of the originals while stepping up the energy.

First, we find Canadian producer Fairmont who takes on Kartvelli.
Another artist who needs no introduction, Fairmont’s work is not completely far off Nhar’s productions, in the sense that both artists have a real love of melodies and dreamy electronic textures.
His remix tones down the airiness of the original and adds a mean metallic snare, boosting the driving feel of the track and turning it into a peak time monster.

Nostromo is revisited by Tunnel Signs who accentuates the techno side of the original with the addition of a disturbing siren and steady beat, it all gets very bleak and darker, especially with the introduction of lethal EBM bass line in the second half of the remix.

To close the EP and send us to dream of electric sheeps, Franz Kirmann brings a futuristic twist to his ambient and reinvent Kartvelli as a romance between a human and a Nexus 6 replicant.


released November 2, 2014



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