Pink Skull - Skin Game EP

by Pink Skull



Summer's gone and it's back to school time, or back to old school in our case with this new Pink Skull EP, the first by the Philadelphia trio for Days Of Being Wild.

Skin Game is a gritty record made entirely with analog and hardware equipment with the guys focusing on a few key pieces of old gear in the studio, namely a modular synth, a 707, a 303, an ensoniq ESQ1 and a Vermona DRM.
This result in the warmest sounding slice of cold, psychedelic acid techno we have heard in a long time.

Kicking things off is "Only Yoo", a hypnotic piece where spacious pads and analog strings are wrapped around a bouncy acid bass line. There is something tragic and romantic about this track with its vocal line looped over soundscapes and minimal drum machine. It could have been made in the early 90's but really manage to remain fresh and timeless and sound totally contemporary.
Ambient, filmic, acid music could be a good description and "Only Yoo" is already quite dark but it's probably the brightest piece on the EP for the rest of the record is basically a slow descent into darkness.

Skin Game supplements "Only Yoo" very well with a similar acid hypnotic line and old school drum machine, but this time with a harder, edgier feel. There are no strings to soften the mood here, replaced instead by white noise and a speech about crucifixion, and that will be the last human element we will hear on the record. The last two tracks being entirely ruled by machines and unforgiving sequencers.

Perhaps the edgier track of the EP, "Slave" is a trippy, sombre affair, awash in industrial noises, reverb and delays setting an uneasy, paranoid mood.

Finally we go deeper in the dark side of electronic music with EP closer "Frottage Industry". Haunted by a creepy synth line, repeated over and over, this track boasts a seriously efficient and dark bass line, while minimalist machine made sequences and beats collide on top.

By the time the track ends on a brutal stop, the whole experience should leave you breathless and empty.
Enjoy the trip!


released October 22, 2013



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Days Of Being Wild London, UK

Slightly deranged electronic music

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