by Italo Brutalo



We welcome Italo Brutalo to the Days Of Being Wild family. This mysterious producer's music does pretty much what it says on the box Edgier, harder Italo disco! So we are presented here with an EP strongly influenced by the synthetic arpeggios, plastic cheesy melodies and disco beats of that infamous genre that filled up dance floors in the 80's, emptied them in the 90's and had some kind of revival on the tail of electro clash in the mid 00's. Most probably a generational thing kids exposed to these sounds in their early years all owned a mac computer with some music package by the time they were teenagers and unsurprisingly went back to the sound they heard while growing up. But kids of that era also grew up with techno, and house, and maybe had a big brother who liked Donna Summer And this is where it gets interesting. Where original Italo Disco could feel quite cheesy and drowned in unnecessary sweet melodies and dodgy vocals, Italo Brutalo's blend of 80's disco and synth music is much more futuristic and tongue in cheek, thanks to an obvious techno heritage. Italo Brutalo doesn't only own a Mac computer, but also a pretty extensive collection of vintage synthesisers and his music is high energy and yes very synthetic, but it's also filled with a real love of electronic music and its machines and a passion for the futuristic sounds it blasts out. The result is highly addictive and very powerful. Opener Velodrome and second track Oggi are firmly anchored in that italo tradition, boasting a strong 80's synthetic disco backbone and riding a seriously chunky beat, while the vintages synths weave and unravel a sparkly, psyched out web of melodic sequences and arpeggios. Third track Systeria, while still owing a lot to 80's synth music, has less of a linear groove and is a bouncier, more syncopated number recalling the more techno and club influences of Italo Brutalo Leading perfectly to EP closer, Club Bizarre remix of that same track. The boys from Metz takes the track for a trip to the basement of a haunted house, where everything is darker, more enigmatic and slower, just like in a dream. Rave music for the living dead, Club Bizarre mix is oppressing and sweaty, like the best of their productions.


released July 12, 2014



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Days Of Being Wild London, UK

Slightly deranged electronic music

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